How to find a rental apartment

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When looking for a rental we advise you to find out what kind of housing the municipality is offering. Here is our list of some other landlords. is a site that offers ample information regarding landlords and rental housing. Lumo offers a selection of quality dwellings all over Finland suited for everyone. SATO offers privately financed and also state-subsidized rental housing all over Finland. Applications can be completed online. Asuntosäätiö has rental dwellings in Espoo, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Tuusula and Vantaa. Application online. Avara offers high-quality rental housing in various locations throughout Finland. Applications can be completed online. Finnish Youth Housing Association offers housing for young adults. To qualify you need to be under the age of 29 and not a full-time student. One can apply via the website. The Association also offers a limited support service for those in need of aid in living on their own.

M2-Kodit M2 has 10 000 affordable state subsidised (ARA) rental apartments in 30 municipalities around Finland. The insurance company Tapiola rents the apartments it owns in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other major cities. Application online. The Mortgage Society of Finland rents the dwellings it owns in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. Application online. VTS has rental dwellings in Tampere.,, and, are national websites that help connect those looking for a new home and those offering one. They gather information from various landlords and showcase private-owned and also state-funded and municipal rental dwellings.

Students may apply for state-subsidized apartments from various Foundations for Student Housing. Further information:

Most major cities have private rental mediating agencies. However, when using an agency one should pay attention to the details of the contract and the possible fees involved. Often the agencies charge a fee equivalent to one month’s rent.

It may also be possible to get an apartment just by putting up an advertisement in a newspaper. One should always ensure that the landlord is the actual owner and entitled to rent the flat.

There are announcements of private apartment owners also at