Finnish Tenants

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We are the association of tenants and an advocate for every tenant. We help in tricky situations.

We give legal advice especially to tenants but also to landlords, when they need some extra information on a situation.

Our members also get up-to-date information on living and rights of tenants, our member magazine and a discount on our educational events.

Our association represents tenants nationwide in different expert hearings and works together with officials and other associations.

Membership pays off: together we are stronger advocates! Read more and become a member here.

Contact information:

Advice over the phone: 0600 91515 (1,92 eur/min + pvm)

Advice for members: 09 4770 360 (free of charge)

Email: (not for advice)

Home page:



A headshot of Anne Viita
Anne Viita Executive director of Finnish Tenants