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What is a deposit?

The deposit is a sort of security, which is given to the other party to ensure the fulfillment of all responsibilities related to the rental agreement. In most cases the tenant gives the deposit to the landlord to ensure rental payments and the good care of the rental apartment. It is also possible that the landlord gives a deposit to the tenant. In the contract it would be good to note, that the deposit is given to ensure the fulfillment of all responsibilities, not just rental payments.

The deposit is the tenant’s for the duration of the rental relationship. The landlord should keep the deposit separate from their other possessions and is not allowed to use any of the deposit for other purposes.

The deposit shall not be used to fix the markings of normal living. If there’s no grounds to using the deposit, it should be returned fully after the end of the rental relationship.

How big can the deposit be?

The deposit can be at most a sum of money correspondent to three months’ rent. For example, if the rent is 500 euros per month, the deposit can at most be 1500 euros. If a warrantor is used, the amount they warrant is not limited to three months’ rent.