Consumer disputes board

Solving of disagreements

The best way to solve disputes between the tenant and landlord is to negotiate and find a reasonable solution for both parties. 

When a disagreement appears, the first step can be to check to see if the rental contract has any clauses relating to the situation. If there’s uncertainty on how a clause should be interpreted, different organisations (Vuokralaiset VKL ry, Suomen Vuokranantajat SVA ry) offer advice on how that clause is usually interpreted. When calling for advice, make sure you have the contract on hand.

If there’s still no agreement between the parties, the case can be solved in a court of law or at the consumer disputes board.

Consumer advisory service

The consumer advisory service advises consumers and entrepreneurs on things regarding the customer and their rights.

The consumer disputes board

The consumer disputes board does not handle the following issues:

Temporary giving of the apartment to another persons use

Transferring the rental right to a family member

Continual of the rental relationship after the passing away of the tenant

Declaring a termination ineffective

Shifting the moving date

The secondary tenant's right to continue the rental relationship

When you want to have the consumer disputes board to handle your case, you can find the complaint forms at

Valitus vuokrasuhteesta, vuokra-asunnon välityksestä, asumisoikeuden luovutuksesta

The handling of the case goes forward as follows:

The complaining party sends a complaint, which is receipted.

The referendary reads about the case and asks the opposing party for a reply.

The opposing party’s reply is sent to you.

Your reply is sent to the opposing party.

The board acquires expert statements, if needed.

The referendary provides the handling division with a solving proposal.

The divisions holds a conference where they decide on a solving proposal for the parties.

The consumer disputes board is a cost-efficient way to solving disputes, but their solutions are not enforceable by law in the way that court decisions are. In real life the solutions have been taken seriously, though, and give a good indication on what a court decision in the case would look like, was the case taken to an actual court.