Rent reduction

When it is possible to get a rent reduction?

The tenant has the right to get their rent reducted if the rental apartment is in worse condition than what was agreed on. However, if the condition of the apartment can be seen as the tenant fault, rent reduction is out of question.

The most common cause for rent reduction is that the apartment is going under renovation. Different kinds of renovations cause disturbance. The tenant has the right to get their rent reducted because of this disturbance.

The tenant’s right to get their rent reducted begins after the tenant has notified the landlord considering the worsened condition or the disturbance. It is not allowed for the tenant to start paying reducted rent by themselves, since the amount of the redustion should always be negotiated with the landlord. We recommend that the agreement considering the reduction is done in writing.

If the tenant has already paid the full amount of rent during the timeperiod when they have had the right for the rent reduction, the landlord needs to return the amount that is equivalent to the rent reduction.