Instructions for finding an apartment

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Looking for an apartment?

The market for rental apartments gets busy especially during the summer. During the summertime it is quite usual that the youth starts to find their own apartments. Rental apartment is the best housing option for many. It is important to keep certain things in mind while looking for a rental apartment. Here are few of the most important tips.

Before making the decision to rent an apartment

- Find out what are the public transportation connection from the apartment and what kind of services there are nearby. Many cities have a guidance website for public transportation. 

- If the price point of the rental apartment feels very low it is advisable to ask from the landlord about the amount of the rent. It is advisable to be cautious if the rent seems suspiciously low. 

- Be careful with online ads for rental apartments. Do not pay the deposit before you have actually seemed the apartment. 

- If you are unable to see the apartment yourself, try to get someone you know to see it for you. When you ask someone, you know to see the apartment you may avoid some unpleasant surprises considering the location or the condition of the apartment. 

- If the rental apartment is under renovation, ask the landlord what the amount of rent is going to be after the renovation finishes. 

- Find out what is the heating solution in the apartment. Electric heating is an unpleasant extra expense.

- Find out if the landlord has plans for some future renovations. It is advisable to ask about the extent and duration of these possible future renovations. 

- If you own a car make sure to ask whether or not there is parking spaces.

Information considering the water fee

There are five different ways to charge for a water fee:

1. The water fee is part of the rent (if the contract doesn’t have any mention considering a separate water fee, the water fee is part of the rent)

2. The water fee is charged per person (for example 20 euro/person)

3. The water fee is charged per person (for example 20 euro/person). In addition, there is a yearly compensation, where the tenant either needs to pay more if the monthly fees haven’t been enough to cover the usage of water or then if the tenant has paid too much the tenant gets a refund.

4. The water fee corresponds the size of the apartment and is based on the number of square meters that is stated in the rental contract. 

5. The water fee is charged by consumption and the amount of the water fee is based on the consumption figure on the water meter.